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 All Categories    Explosion Proof 600 Series - Medical Equipment For Hazardous Location
All Categories > Explosion Proof 600 Series - Medical Equipment For Hazardous Location > Item # 601-EX  

Item # 601-EX, Explosion Proof 600 Series - Medical Equipment For Hazardous Location

Medical Explosion proof foot switch series 600 is a UL listed construction that allows the addition of sealing O-rings on the pivot rod and between the base and cover. This is accomplished by increasing the thickness of the housing wall, without negating the integrity of the metal to metal contact required to quality as explosion proof. Use mating connector MS or CA-3106F-18-4SW-(A105)-(F74)* which includes cable clamp, or CA-06R-18-4SW-(A105)-(F74)* which includes cable clamp.



Single pedal





Connector Wired

Pin A-Normally Opened
Pin B-Common

Pin C-Normally Closed

Pin D-Ground

Electrical Rating

5 A 125-250 VAC
3 A 28 VDC Momentary Contact


Class I, Division 1, Group C & D
Class I, Zone 1, Group IIA & IIB
Nema Type 7C
EN 60529 Degree of Protection IP68
Meets IEC 601-2-2


Mating connector with cable clamp available from LINEMASTER. Order as catalog Number LSC-575-24.

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·  Medical Explosion Proof Model 600 Series Single Pedal Dimensional Drawing

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