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Item # L-2-S, Lektro-Lok Foot Switch

Mechanical interlock-prevents both circuits from being operated at the time. The Lektro-Lok operates on the teeter-totter principal. Pressure on one side opens or closes line, release of pressure returns switch to normal off position, pressure on other side open or closes circuit, independent of first. Both switches can be wired normally open or normally closed. All wiring connections are made internally with only a single cord being brought out. This eliminates costly harness assemblies which combined with the attractive switch price offer real economy.





Each Side SPDT



Electrical Rating

10 A 125-250 VAC
1/2 H.P. 125-250 VAC


EN 60529 Degree of Protection IP20


5 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 Inch

Weight Approx.

10 Oz.

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·  Lektro-Lok Model Dimensional Drawing

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